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2023-08-02 02:09 pm
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[personal profile] teagarden is a writing journal. Feel free to friend at will, I'll mostly be posting my fanfiction (and occasionally original stuff) here, as well as random fandom musings and character analysis or inspirational things if the mood strikes me. Welcome. ♥
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2013-08-03 10:30 am

Vision as Simple as Light (1/1)

The Avengers | Bruce/Thor, implied Thor/Loki | NC-17 | A03 link.

In which Bruce has denied himself of human contact for so long that even after all this time, he can't get enough of Thor. Meanwhile, Thor is falling in love, which presents a unique predicament for an immortal. Just a quick little fluffy/angsty smut piece, since these two don't get nearly enough love.

Every once in a while, the need would well up inside of Bruce to the point of unbearable pressure. )

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2013-08-03 10:10 am

The Mass & Majesty of This World (1/1)

The Social Network | NC-17 | Mark/Eduardo/Cameron/Tyler | graphic m/m/m/m sex | Cameron Winklevoss is a gentleman & a scholar. A03 link.

In which there is a mutual attraction drawing Mark and Eduardo and Cameron and Tyler's dual worlds together, with decidedly pornographic results, Cameron Winklevoss is a closet gentleman romantic, and a potentially polyamorous future is explored.

Admittedly, business economics majors are not well-suited to the purpose of prose. )